salutations dear sunshines…

Yes, this is my first blog post and i thought I’d introduce you to the idea.

Sea Gypsies.

Indeed. These are a people group that sort of inspire me a bit. They live in southeast asia and exist as different tribes. The Bajau, Moken, Orang Laut and Urak Lawoi groups are all some that live in different archipelago’s.

Sea Gypsies live in a completely different world, one where you learned to swim before you walked, where the rocking motion of the sea is as normal as the firm ground to us and where food is daily scavanged from the oceanbed.

Living on boats only ends during the monsoon season, when camps are set up on the fringes of beautiful tropical forests on the beach.

The lifestyle of a sea gypsy is a rare one.

But one that seems worthwhile, in fact, one that sort of inspires my career path. So I would like to share that…the happenings and occurances of a cape town girl who is living mood to moment… by the currents, tides and sun.

So grab my hand and lets go on an adventure :)


4 thoughts on “salutations dear sunshines…

  1. capturing such life in a lens is a gift not bestowed on many – treasure the skill for you have the ability to allow others to see that which even the blind can not

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