hapiness comes from…

  1. picking herbs from wet soil
  2. fairy lights on a SUMMER night
  3. Tribeca’s white hot chocolate
  4. reading beautiful blogs
  5. Madame Zingara’s
  6. eating red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing
  7. sitting beyond the backline on your board
  8. making a playlist of epic new tunes
  9. showering after a day in the sun
  10. summer series and movies
  11. yummy leftovers
  12. new bracelets, lip rings and wooden earrings
  13. Foster the People!!!!!
  14. berry flavoured Marcels Frozen Yoghurt with chocolate coated raisins
  15. watching the sunset from Cafe’ Caprice in Camps Bay
  16. a pretty summer dress
  17. scrubbing  Canneloni’s shell
  18. a braai….especially steak and ‘roostebrootjie’ :)
  19. ciabatta with sundried tomatoes,blue cheese and rocket from the Old Biscuit Mill
  20. a day at the aquarium
  21. winding coastal roads
  22. listening to the rain
  23. being salty and sandy
  24. quote hunting…..and finding
  25. Jeremy Loops live!
  26. Coldplay’s “Paradise”
  27. a crochet bargain and retro find
  28. Sea gypsy dreaming
  29. Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen
  30. the colour of the ocean on a perfect day
  31. making lists ;)

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