ola mola :)

so the last few days have been pretty cool.

i did a few dives in the kelp forest at the aquarium, to clean windows and feed fish.

and the feeding: TOTALLY CRAZY! its like being attacked by an army of huge silver fish who ram into you,try and bite your face and knock off your air supply-eish!

anyway, the kelp forest is cool-very peaceful.an underwater forest.

and then, we got a SUNFISH! these are possibly the coolest fish ever!!! it kinda looks a kid started drawing it and then stopped half way….:P

its scientific name is ‘mola mola’ ,it likes to eat jellyfish and it is often taken for a shark due to its  huge dorsal fin. the biggest one recorded was 3.3 m long!!!

anyway, welcome to the aquarium, dear mola :)


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