small BIG things

often, nothing insanely huge happens in a day, just lots of little things… different lines and squiggles which become the picture of your day.

but sometimes you have a day where you appreciate the squiggles more-where ordinary things seem extraordinary and the good things around you seem truly great.

a day where your friends seem even more special.

where you find a pair of fins at bargain price on gumtree :)

where the mocha’s from “coffee to go” taste extra awesome!!!

and where the topic discussed in lectures inspires you to work even harder.

a  day where the colour of the water astounds you as it contrasts the ocean while you swim.

a day where you get excited about the future but are simply quite content with where you are right now.

a day where you can say as john dryden did:

“happy the man and happy he alone, he who can call today his own. He who secure within can say: tomorrow do thy worst for i have lived today”


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