it would be good for your health

this week, it would be good for your health to…….cut up a piece of your clothing-and then wear it :)

let ONLY the SEA wash you hair

listen to mattew mole

buy some helium balloons and walk around with them, to make others smile :)

JUMP OFF SOMETHING!!!! (preferably with some lovely blue water beneath)

keep pushing that tan ;)

make the ocean your excercise…swim,SUP,surf,snorkel or dive :D

watch “HUGO”-i hear its good.

skype someone far away to make your heart happy :)

bake a multi coloured cupcake for someone to show them you love them.

come up with more ways to get tickets to “TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB”

read a book about a topic that makes you dream and inspires you

make a mix tape titled: “songs that make me sing loud in public places”

prescription: take ALL the above over the course of this next week

warning: could cause stiff mouth from excessive smiling



One thought on “it would be good for your health

  1. It is clear that your environmental preference is one of emotion, physically free, rich, active and colorful which leaves one to be inclined to a level of interest that is high, generally critical and often leaves the object at a state of being very impressionable..

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