these, my weekend thoughts

oh how i love the smell of wetsuits…especially when i’m getting fitted for a beautiful new coral open cell birthday present from the parental people :)

conversations with people who studied the same thing you did and have awesome advice, epic stories and are all round inspiring is quite the best thing.

what? HUGE bag of grapes outside PnP for R10???? schweeeet!

goodness, all these poor people riding along on little wheels, hope non of them get run over….or get heat stroke :/

note: dont nap for so long that you wake up thinking its the morning!

LONG runs in sea point are good fun…except for the strong winds, aching legs, dry throats and little dogs that chase you!

GOLDFISH!!!!!!! ahhhh-totally the sound of cape town.

picnics with friends under trees, dancing on the grass, a gold fish that breaks it down and a beautiful summer evening :)

so, i hope this week is a good one and that we all get busy living!


(most photos taken by my special friend carlene and her SLR)


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