when summer breaths out.

the last 2 days have been giving me hints….summer might be coming to an end soon….

oooohhooo… that means the days get shorter, the tan goes away, the leaves fall off all the trees, your day starts before the sun’s,endless days on the beach become a memory, you get wet all the time and exam time looms :(

{rewind. erase. take 2}

autumn!!! when the leaves decorate the sidewalk in sunset colours, when scarves come out and hug your neck all the time, when you surf in the rain, hear the fog horn, smell the orange blossoms and get to wear baggy beanies, when cuddling under blankets, drinking tea, baking and watching series happen a bit more often.

yes, i do find myself tending toward melancholy significantly more without my dear friend sunshine there to hug me. and to be honest, i start to panic around this time every year, thinking: ” oh no-how am i going to survive until the next summer?!?”

but lets just keep in mind that every season has something that makes it magical.

and summer won’t abandon us for long, and when it comes back- hopefully sooner than later, we’ll be right there to greet her :)

but summer’s not done yet!!! so let’s not let go too quickly- just a few more drinks and some lingering sunsets ;)

enjoy cuddling under the blankets tonight



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