top 1o summer smells :D

1. nivea suncream on salty skin-probably the pinnacle of all summer smells!

2. summer rain…smellls soooo tropical and makes everything look more excited to be alive

3. iced coffee from vida-doesn’t help that it’s right across the rd from my jammie stop!

4. cold salty sea at the end of a hot day, it’s as though the ocean diffuses right into you

5. radox blue sky body wash-it has blue dots in it!!! and makes you feel and smell like you’ve just stepped out of the sea in indo :D

6. braai’ing on a summer night-it makes ALL the neighbours jealous ;)

7. that sweaty grass smell you get at kirstenbosch summer concerts or the green mile  after the 2oceans marathon

8. mangoes! and watermelons!…mmm-sticky faces and pip spitting comps :D

9. ‘alien’, the perfume by Thierry Muglier, lightly sprayed after a cool shower ( which is easily done if your geyser is broken!)

10. the smell of a wetsuit. oh yeah :) seriously, this smell will always be the top!

it’s my birthday week this week!!!

yay :)

hope you all get to celebrate something too.



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