i have 2 pairs of sunglasses. the one is  fake rayban that i haggled down to R40 on camps bay beach, and the other is super retro-they used to be my moms and kinda have the ozzie osbourne look going for them.

and through each pair i see the world differently. the one is warmly hued and clear, everything is accentuated and more defined. the other is slighlty more blue, they have a scratch which blurrs the view and you can sort of see above and below them.but they make me look cool :P

every now and then i forget my glasses at home.and when i do i realize how differently i see life when wearing them. its as though they represent the way i look at life. people’s smiles are beautiful and exciting, friends are greeted with hugs, passing high fives or simply large grins [ freakishly animated ones on my part]. the beauty of the mountain is towering and overwhelming. the view of the harbour as you drive home on the jammie makes your heart stop as you can almost feel the hue of the blue. when you learn stuff….like that turtles can hold their breath for up to 10 hours or see how delicate the feeding apparatus of a mussel is during your prac, you cant help but sit back and be awed at its incredibly intricate design.

yet that is all because of the glasses you are wearing, because of what is tinting your mindset. and you can so easily be wearing glasses that are blurry and uncomfortable, or squinting because you aren’t wearing any at all.

but no. i want to be looking through something that constantly reminds me how blessed i am to be learning.something that keeps me thankful. to have health and enthusiasm. to feel passion. to appreciate beauty-in all its forms. to hear the symphony, be it a tune, the crash of a wave or the soundtrack of life.to feel loved-so extraordinarily and unconditionally, by special people all around me.and to have realised the blessing and privelage of sense and reason and especially, of grace.

thats how i want to see life everyday. and my sunnies-they remind me of that. so lets not leave them at home….and when summer ends, may they turn into contact lenses :)


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