eish, ek se!!! it’s been a while!

but in the last few weeks i seem to have accumulated some special things. maybe its because it was my birthday and i got some pretty awesome presents. or maybe i’ve just noticed beauty in things that i hadn’t before.

but these are some items that make me smile, that give me that feeling one gets after climbing out of icy cold water, from a dive or a surf, and can dry off, blow one’s nose and put on one’s favourite hoodie and slippers- that totally refreshed but warm and utterly contented feeling. oh yeah :)

this is some of the indian treasure that my special sister sent me. the beads are PERFECT for my new dread that i’m “cultivating” and the biggest treasure was that i got to video skype her while opening it ;)

dont these iron vintage scissors just make you want to cut things!!!! these are so cool and sharp-make me feel very pro when slicing up tshirts, from my special friend courtney :)

this is what happens when a certain sea gypsy gets hold of R25 JET tshirts and dye from the chemist. the blue one feels like you are wearing the ocean-seriously, what could be better!!!! wearing one of these makes me happy for the whole day :)

these little things hiding in my still-living-after-1-year-plant are pretty authentic treasures :) some found on wrecks, others on reefs…the golf ball at the bottom of the UCT dam…but all whilst diving :)

i got this necklace for my bday from my epic friend quaid-who made it, and i’ve probably worn it every second day since i’ve gotten it and only because i was trying to show constraint-its so cool :D and makes me feel sort of earthy :P

oh my goodness!!! well without hesitation, EVERYONE should know that turtles are the most precious and beautiful treasure. but if it’s a picture of one, drawn for you by a particularly talented friend, then it’s an even more special treasure. obrigado philipe :)

hehe, coffee is one of those everyday treasures that has pretty much turned into a non-negotiable need, but if its starbucks or truth coffee….then its like drinking liquid gold. which is pretty legit treasure.

ja, so i’m feeling pretty lucky with all this treasure around. and so much of my treasure is not even touchable. like going for runs, awesome bio fieldtrips, amazing books, new playlists, aquaintances which grow into friendships, daydreaming. these are all amazing treasures, yet so easily overlooked :)

hope you discover and realise some of your treasures



One thought on “treasure

  1. Hi there…this blog is just so “you”, and refreshing! Well done, and hope that it just “goes”…lots of love..

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