on nights like this one i re-fall in love with cape town. the rain and clouds from the day make the lights and air so much clearer at night. the ocean dead still, glossy-reflecting all the bright lights that the city throws at it. the clouds lighter and suprisingly white when contrasted against the deep blue sky.

everything is major wind.just still.

i imagine other capetonians, huddled under their blanket, grasping a warm cup of something wonderful, staring out over their beautiful city-unable to imagine a more beautiful place to be.

xxxand happy 18th birthday south africa :)



2 thoughts on “theCITYsleepsTONIGHT

    1. exciting!!! yes-so much to do! many outdoor stuff-hikes, surfing, paragliding, adventure stuff,etc. but also lots of markets and cute cafe’s. there’s a food and wine show at the end of the month and always lots of live music and exhibitions. obviously the big tourist attractions(t.mountain,waterfront,robben island) are fun. and the aquarium is a must. but i could be biased ;) i hope the weather is amazing for you-like today, we can have the most amazing beautiful, crisp, sunny winter days.

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