ahhh i am soooo happy :D

yes, i know, thats a lame title. but i cant help it: I AM HAPPY.

not because i still have 2 huge reports  to write, or because i have so much reading to do, but because it has been THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY :D

all the rain cleared today, blue sky, warm sun and air so fresh it was almost edible ;)

a day that starts with cups of tea, egg on toast, sugar snap peas, video skypes with my sis and cuddles under the blanket in the sun is BOUND to be a good one!

and it was indeed :)  filled with sea and salt and near hyperthermia, with basil pesto pasta and a surf with a very special friend, with wet hair drying in the sun, young the giant and a warm hurley hoody. with dreams about the roadtripping adventures and family reunions that this imminent vacation is going to bring. as predicted, not with many of the boxes ticked off my to do list.

but you know what? thats quite ok for today :)

 happy full moon everyone.




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