a seagypsy survival guide.


it has arrived.

the season of study.

where eating habits become unpredictable and even more unusual, where the house is abnormally clean. when a day can go by and the most conversation you have had is with your cat. where you migrate with the sun from room to room throughout the day.

where pj’s are the only uniform and doing handstands outside the fastest way to release pent up energy.

this is how a seagypsy survives exams:

tea.<http://8tracks.com/ronan_f/study-music-the-key-no-lyrics-mostly&gt; (this is the best study playlist i’ve heard so far!!!)

tonic water.it makes you burp.constantly.its entertaining.

<http://pinterest.com/talithanoble/&gt; (how i reward myself :D)

studying under blankets

in case i forgot: tea.and because we are seagypsies, when things get a bit much…we can visit our good ol’ friend who’ll whip us right into shape :) and freezes all the brain cells that are so desperately needed.happy studying.



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