when the credits roll

you know at the end of a movie, when your heart is happy and the credit music rolls?
it's something mystical and beautiful, like the sound of butterflies breathing and sunshine dancing.( i'm listening to it right now ;) when everything seems romantic and idealised. mountains seem like achievable hills, the moon seems closer.
you want to haul out the watercolours and translate the night smell of summery happy winter onto something visual. you want to hug your friends, and your mom and your cat while you're at it. you indulge those desires to dream about turtle volunteering in greece, drawing jellyfish on your wall and learning the harmonica.the only argument against them being..."why not?"
you're inspired. quite simply put. and its the most freeing amazingly beautiful uplifting feeling in the universe.

may this weekend be filled with observations of beauty in all the most unlikely places.


4 thoughts on “when the credits roll

      1. Ha, alright I lied. I actually just have a random mural. More of whatever we felt like drawing at the time. But don’t worry it’s a bedroom that never gets used. We have our manners.

      2. i’m not so civilised. my wall bears the brunt of many creative outbursts-usually occuring in the early hours of the morning. :)

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