how to: feel summery in winter :D

this is what i do to trick my brain into believing that its actually the middle of winter...suprisingly not very hard on days like today when the sky is blue and the ocean calm.
go for a run along the sea (it warms you up, you feel good, you smell the sea and your skin actually sees some daylight!)
or: go for a surf.swim. or dive. i really dont need to explain why this will make you happy. you should know by now-getting wet and salty is ALWAYS a good idea!

eat pomegranates!!! ooohhh-they are so bright and cheery and yummy.

make coconut ice cream (coconut reminds me of summer!!!) and if the weather is too cold-put a few scoops into an expresso ;)

wear your favourite summer shorts...pairing them up with warm stockings and boots!

sun cream! use it-even if you never see the sun-at least you'll smell like you have!
cook thai food. weird-but it only takes that one word to get my head to spin off into that imaginary place where its planning my upcoming indo adventure!

and finally: listen to your favourite summer playlist :)
trust me...thats all you need :)


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