Wet Monkeys

MONKEY WEATHER!!!! yes-so our dive adventure turned into a coffee-beach-ice cream-chasing rainbow one!!! but sooo much fun! aside from the sunny-windy-rainy-weird weather that defined today, 3 other very important events occured.

Sea Gypsy went fabric shopping :D and you will hopefully be excited to know that with the help of dear "sah", the first collection is coming along nicely and will be released in the next short while :) so watch this space.

Also, my other sea gypsy sister and i chased a rainbow!!! all around camps bay i tell you! and we came pretty insanely close i'd say ;)

And lastly, the 2 sea gypsies came up with a pledge... one that is going to lead to many exciting adventures in the future-both close by and in far off lands. its all very exciting!!! and this is what it says:


I hereby pledge to live like a Sea Gypsy
To watch the sunrise in the ocean,
to never wear shoes on the beach.
To let the sea wash my hair
and to never be dry for too long.
To always show the sun my skin
and to always appreciate and know
whats going on beneath the swell.
And if the need arises- to fight for it.
I pledge to get to know Sea Gypsies from
other cultures and to seek them wherever i go.
Above all, I pledge to never stop loving
and being amazed by the ocean, as I
live by the currents,
plan by the tides
and follow the sun.

Signed by S.B.Levy and T.G.Noble
on Tue,12.June.2012 14:00.


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