paint the city red.

this is the thing.
we live in a third world country. and compared to most of the country, i for one am incredibly privelaged.
but do i live like it?
do i realise that material things are simply that-material?
do i realise how much my attitude, money and time can be so much more beneficial to others?
that selfishness doesnt have to be a default response.

my middle class problems seem somehow insignificant when put into the persepective of my nation.
and to be honest, i dont care if people question the intention-whether you're doing it to feel good about yourself or to get rid of guilt. the point is that you're doing it-and its helping someone.
and very soon-a decision that you made to be outward looking, to love people can turn into habit and eventually character. and by then who knows how many people you could have blessed and who in turn, could have blessed you.

so i'm going to paint the city red(red being visible, bold and the symbol of love). i'm going to love people-with my attitude, time and money.
because we were created to love. and when we do-people dont see us-they see the one that created us to love, they see eternity and maybe, eventually, they see hope.

here's to red paint!
lets use it.

drink tea and stay warm people :)



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