so most people would argue that the best way to spend the last week of your winter vacation would be with lazy lie-ins, lots of baking, tea-drinking, series, movies, and the occasional surf or run.
not i.
definitely much cooler to get up at 6 am every morning and build pipework in precarious places, go diving before the sun gets up and spend 8 hours at a time on your feet. but oh how much i love it!
i got employed by the aquarium last week :D
and it was really cool.
plus i get to start the new semester with bruises, sore muscles, some money (say what?!?) and a strange sense of productive satisfaction :)
so i guess this marks the end of what was a very busy, fun, cold and sea gypsy like 6 weeks.
can one say: happy-going-back-to-university ?

probably not ;)


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