submarine traffic

" with just one glance i discovered that the sea is a city. Just below me, all around, unsuspected by me, were highways, boulevards, streets and roundabouts bustling with submarine traffic. In the water that was dense, glassy and flecked by millions of lit up specks of plankton, fish like trucks and buses and cars and bicycles and pedestrians were madly racing about, no doubt honking and hollering at each other. The predominant colour was green. At multiple depths , as far as i could see, there were evanescent trails of phosphorescent green bubbles, the wake of speeding fish. As soon as one trail faded, another appeared. These trails came from all directions and disappeared in all directions. They were like those time exposure photographs you see of cities at night, with the long red streaks made by the tail lights of cars. Except that here the cars were driving above and under each other as if they were on interchanges that were stacked 10 stories high. And here the cars were of the craziest colours. They were yellow, brown, silver blue, red, pink, green, white, green, in all kinds of combinations, solid, streaked and speckled. Only the sharks stubbornly refused to be colourful.I gazed upon this urban Hurley-burley like someone observing a city from a hot air was a spectacle wondrous and awe inspiring.
I looked on until the lights went out in the city."
Life of pi by Yann Martel



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