the cure for an average day.

the only way to spend a cold, gloomy and rainy friday night is with many blankets on the couch, chinese take-out sweet/sour pork and endless episodes of downtown abbey.
but for a super duper splendidly brilliant evening, you should skype a dear friend on the other side of the world :) oh yes.
ahh, dear heather.
i miss you all the time- i love remembering our good times here, i love swapping music and doing skype dances and i especially love dreaming about future expeditions and adventures that will still take place.

and for all you cape town okes, who are going to have to weather this insane approaching storm-here is something to keep you happy:


bundle up and drink copious amounts of tea!!!


2 thoughts on “the cure for an average day.

  1. Dear tALIITHA

    (dare I state the obvious)

    Surfing is exploding on all corners of South Africa lately, regardless of age, race or gender. People in their masses are sharing the stoke all over the globe!!! It is Women’s month and it has been a great privilege to watch the women surf with much facial expression and some better than me of course, whoa!! There is definitely lots of Talent here.


    1. Hi Jade!!!
      i TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY agree!!! we have incredible talent in south africa!!
      i was especially stoked when Bianca Buitendag won the women’s pro in Peru recently :D proof of what you said.

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