a cheerful earful

yes my dear sea gypsies. it has become painfully clear that my life would not be complete without baby turtle studs that look like this...

how could you be a real sea gypsy without them???

so-who wants to be my spring santa? :D

may you dream of the sea :)


3 thoughts on “a cheerful earful

  1. I have been looking for these exact ones and it is proving to be difficult. Do you have any idea where I can find them?

    1. sarah! you mean the turtles? i found myself a pair in camden market- but i’ve also seen them online. amazon has some. all becomes a bit pricy though-good luck! :)

      1. I’ve been searching for ones with fins like the ones in this photo but i cant seem to find them. I’ll check camden market. Thanks :)

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