secrets from a cape town kid, part I

the best thing about being 'local' somewhere is that you know the BEST spots to go to for different things...especially food related things :D because GOODNESS! food makes us happy, almost as much as the ocean!!!
here are some of my best spots for particular foodie items....and yes, i'll only mention a few spots-but be warned: MORE WILL FOLLOW :D

best milkshake: fire and ice protea hotel, off bree street. they have a peanut butter and banana one: ITS INCREDIBLE! and there are fairy lights outside in the road-oh so beautiful on summer nights! and they only close at 2AM! :D

best fresh veg: hope street market, saturday morning. heck, the best EVERYTHING is from the hope st. market

best hot dog: weisswurst on a rye roll with Sauerkraut, from Reitz German Deli! Flip its good (yes-i am exposing my german side here)

best macaroon/pastries/cake: CASSIS in gardens centre. i seriously go crazy in there.especially the coconut flavour macaroons

best coffee: Vida :) the biggest baddest cup :D

best bread: the garlic naan bread from Eastern Food Bazaar in Darling Street

best tea: french vanilla tea from Le Petite Tarte in the Cape Quarter and Kauai's Chai Latte'!

gosh. now i'm going to dream of food.
after i've raided the fridge.


4 thoughts on “secrets from a cape town kid, part I

  1. I love food and I just found this out: Food is such a common ground, and it is makes for a great universal experience. So FOOD I like, like and like more :)

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