those people we see

its weird.
Everyday we go to an institution with people from all around the world, 26 000 of them.
You walk past them, sit next to them on the jammie and stand behind them in the food queue.

Some you see often, you know which bus they take and what time they finish class, you might even know who they are dating...but you've never spoken to them-just a smile of recognition.

Others you know from registration, mutual friends or a common course. You greet them, find out how their day is going, where they went to on their latest vac. You part ways happy for the catchup and looking forward to seeing them again.

Then you enter the realms of real friendship. The people you see everyday, who you have class with, dissect fish with, the mates who give you a hug when you need it, or who you skip class with in exchange for a trip to the beach or coffee on the grass. These are friends who get to know you well- they see you when you're tired, giddy, stressed, enthusiastic or completely overwhealmed. You know how to make them un-grumpy and when to give them space-they know how you take your tea and what song will make you happy.

And then you get special people, they start out as friends and very soon you are surfing with them every weekend, cooking endless dinner parties with them and calling them up when you've run out of petrol. They are the ones you spend hours talking to when it feels like your life is falling apart, the ones who have half their stuff at your place and whom you go away on roadtrips with.

And when you think ahead, you smile- because you know that these are not friends, they are family. They are the ones you will fly half way around the world to go visit, they'll be at your wedding and when you discover a way to save the endangered turtles. They are apart of you and are in so many memories that you'd never be able to get rid of them. They have helped shape who you are.

And then you think back to the first time you met them-as an unassuming new friend and are glad beyond words, that your lives crossed at that particular moment.



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