secrets of a cape town kid, part II

can you smell that? its the sky breathing out. its warm and the air is filled with flowers and braais. combined with the distant sounds of cars returing from daytime adventures and guinea fowls settling down for the night.
yes- this weekend has been a bit like paradise.
many hours lying in the sun outside...reading all about Seabreams. Seaside runs. Vegetarian dinner parties. Ukelele playing. Getting sunburned :/ Lying for hours beyond the backline when the sea is so refreshing and beautiful and blue.talking nonsense and practising eskimos in between the swells. eating ice creams with a best mate.

and here comes the ct secret. you will never be strong enough to withstand the temptations of cape town on a day like this. so dont try. instead-embrace it-love it and do the following without any guilt:
-drink tonic water and ice tea. lots. and make your own funky ice cubes with mint, lemon and chopped up fruit.
-ice cream! seriously. its HAPPY FOOD :D try venezia in sea point main rd, sinnful in camps bay, or the local soft serve stand on muizenberg beach.

then shower and soothingly treat your skin from all the sun and sand. sit outside for a bit...eating more ice cream-staring at the nightime city lights. and with sore muscles and tired eyes slide under those cool comfortable sheets. with the windows wide open dream about all the adventures that summer will bring.



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