my dear carintjie!!! you're 23 today!
not that long ago you turned 13, back in the day when you had braces and my face was SUPER chubby :)
and yet, here we are, both pursuing careers that we are passionate about...coming close to being grown up (although i'm not sure that we will ever get there).
my dear friend, over the last years you have been so special to me.
All our long late talks, days on the beach, marcels on the pier, picnics in tents, market crawling,nigella cooking sprees and silly adventures are apart of me and always will be.
you in pretoria, me in cape town-our lives have so often parallelled. i love that we can speak about anything to eachother, knowing that the grain will be sifted from the chaf and our friendship stay constant.
i love your conviction for what you believe, that you arent willing to compromise and are consistently working on your character. i love that you are a voice of reason (often when i want to do something stupid :P) and that we keep eachother accountable. i love how you are so passionate about wildlife and that you've worked so hard to get to where you. i love that you are apart of the family-the long lost noble daughter :D

i love that we are sisters and i am so excited to think that our best memories and adventures are yet to come.
happy birthday my wonderful special friend.


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