let me tell you about my week dear sea gypsies

this week i worked harder on my marine project than i have on anything else in my whole life. it cost me 3 nights of sleep.but it was thrilling-because i wanted to do my best.thats what you do when something is your passion.you fight for it.
but every 72hr stay awake deserves a reward....more than just sleep ;)
and my reward was SWEET!!!
the beach with a fellow sea gypsy. long boarding on the clifton roadside...kissing the concrete and stopping traffic :/
suits. hehe.more suits. ahhh. i flipping LOVE suits!!!
sunshine and a summer dress. homemade frozen yoghurt and foster the people.
smelling the sky...rich with flowers and sunshine and saltwater.
today however...is crisp and wet. so sweet and fresh. like the best of summer and winter have just collided.

perfect weather to be sitting my open windows listening to the rain and learning about fish movement.
have a happy friday dear ones,make it count.


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