just another day in paradise

do you remember those perfect summer days? where you wake up to the light streaming into your room at 6am with a fresh breeze from the window? when there were strawberries and pineapples in the fridge and all the doors and windows were open? when you lay outside for hours in the sunshine and cooled off with laps in the bright fresh pool? where the earth would smell sweet after you'd water it and the sky salty and cool after the sun had gone down? where you had beautiful cocktails with friends and salad dinners outside with the family? where you could feel the warmth of the tar radiating from the ground and where your towel only takes a few minutes to dry on the line? where the evenings were so contented and peaceful, soundtracked by sleepy guinea fowl after days filled with excitement and activity. days where you dont eat it unless there's something fruity or green inside and dont drink it without ice or a straw.
such have been the last few days, and thankfully not to much remembering was required.
thank you cape town.


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