blue and bluer

it doesnt quite feel real. the vacating. the being done with 2nd year. the 3 month vac. the "quick little trip" to the UK tomorrow.
yesterday and today have been a dream. with every little thing that happened i've just felt grateful and blessed. for so many things. but most overwhelmingly = for my friends. goodness i have the best! i truly feel honoured and astounded to have the beautiful mates that i do.

so post exam celebrations involved: gopro and beach. sea bee. snorkels and clear water. blasting music and special summer songs. braais under fairylights and lots of friends. late night series and early morning sunrises on the beach. bacon and eggs outside. carribean coffee. dreaming about the future.

i however have still not quite comprehended that this time tomorrow i'll be taking a ride on a big jet plane.
and i need to pack.
so here dear sea gypsies is my new best friend the gopro. these pics arent in HD yet-still havent worked out the whole software thing.
you check them out whilst i work out how to pack my homemade hair spray and "sprout maker".



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