seduced by art

once upon a cloudy cold winter day, two young ladies got dressed up. Heels, hats and pretty dresses. With ease and direction they headed into town to see paintings from days long ago. Gazing into Monets "Thames below Westminster", the 2 girls found themeselves living the painting-walking along the southbank market, drinking hot chocolate, eating fudge, listening to the '12 Days of Christmas' and watching the lights from Big Ben flicker across the water.
thames below westminister monet2012-12-18 17.35.45

they fell back out of the picture in a Mary Poppins fashion and carried on gazing through the artwork. Not long after, they found another painting they admired. Holding hands the girls took a deep breath and jumped into Renoir's "Lady at the Theatre". Magically they found themselves outside the Queens Theatre in London's West End, with tickets to Les Mis. The young ladies were completely invested and enthralled in the performances, the incredible music and the atmosphere of the longest running show in the West End. They're minds had been completely blown away.

renoir-the-first-outing2012-12-18 18.41.12
2012-12-18 19.12.072012-12-18 19.11.40

Sleepily staring out the tube windows on the way home, the young ladies smiled, having spent the day being seduced by art.


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