it begins again.

2012 has been a year of 'enjoying the ride', taking everyday as it comes, taking nothing for granted, finding pleasure and beauty in everything, living with enthusiasm and with passion. i certainly did not invision NYE along the Thames, with 250 000 people, in the shadow of Big Ben, looking out onto the London Eye, witnessing the craziest fireworks display i've every seen. it was like being inside the pot with the lid on whilst the corn is popping! it was definitely a special night followed by a special, sunny and beautiful DAY ONE of 2013 with special, sunny and even more beautiful people. there is so much that has happened these last 6 weeks. so many sea gypsy adventures and creations that i want to share with you-AND I STILL WILL! but right now i am just so blessed-to be able to say that i will deeply miss many special people and this beautiful London town, but to also be SO excited to go the sunshine, ocean, mum&dad and to all my crazy wonderful friends.

so here is to an exciting new year, with new opportunities and possibilities. with adventures and dancing. with goals(new years resolutions coming soon) and plans to reach them. with ambition and hard work. with new friends and old ones. with new experiences and new risks.


DSCN7447 IMG_3883 DSCN7458 IMG_3892 DSCN7486 DSCN7468 DSCN7503
and these, the first pictures of the new year, taken by the sister,angie and maura :)


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