an endless summer

and just like that: with a bit of packing,some last minute sorting and a bit of aeroplane food, we're home.
and the feeling has never been more glorious. i cannot describe how insanely happy my heart is :D
since arriving back i have cleared out my wardrobe and put up my new 'endless summer' poster :) we've had an amazing family braai and watched old movies. been to the beach....twice :) got restarted on that tan, spent the day with my amazing friends: smuts and sims. i've eaten grapes, watermelon and ice cream.
i didnt think it was possible to love cape town anymore than i already did, but i completely do. i love the chilled people. i love going into the store and not being overwhelmed by the choices availible. i love that everything seems sunny and happy. and i love that today was the perfect summer day and that it has become the perfect summers night.
goodnight sea gypsies, lets dream of a never-ending summer :)




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