“can you feel the sun?”

ok. so first give these songs a listen to. "kill your heroes" and "washing over me" -because i like me a good summer soundtrack :) sometimes i have too much goodstuff in my head. you know? and then all you can do is grin and bounce around and make silly faces. i've been doing a load of grinning :D
it just seems like every thing that happens and is experienced is a beautiful, exciting, salty and colourful sundrenched thing. maybe its just all the mangos ;)
making neon beaded bracelets
creating mix tapes for the car
singing/headbanging to the afore mentioned mix tape in the car with open windows.
living in a wetsuit.
going diving while dolphins are doing tumbles out of the water.
having wet hair more often than not.
talking about turtle research.
doing turtle research.
wearing all my party pants.
eating mangos. lots of mangos.
being with wonderful special absolutely lovely mates.
going running in the shadow of the most beautiful mountain in the world.
going to sleep with the cool summer night breeze.
late dinners on the balcony.
submerged sundays with goldfish at st.yves
it makes me happy. all of it.
its just stellar.







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