secrets from a cape town kid, part III

this is one of the millions of things i love about cape town:
after a beautiful spell of warm, sun-drenched, windless summer heat you get this thing that happens...the fog horn blows. it feels like the city slows down ever so slightly, a beautiful blanket of white marshmallowy cloud peeks over lions head and wraps it up nice and cozy. the sun hitting it from the otherside where the front hasnt reached slowly spreads down into the city bowl-not a cold intense front, but just enough to let you put on your light knit sweater and tights. just enough to make you want to sit out on the balcony, watching the cloud roll in with tea and a cupcake from "lady cupcake" . its the perfect weather for a walk-in the forest below table mountain where little wisps of cloud get caught between the pine trees or along the promenade-where its super misty, mysterious and the air is drenched with ocean. and even up here, above the city, the smell of sea reaches and mingles with the scent of frangipani from the garden. its my favourite favourite thing :) because it usually means that the next day is going to start in a hoody and comfy shoes and end with a surf on perfect NW waves that are the berg. happy sigh :)





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