weary words

there are times when you are weary. not tired because of a long day or extensive to do list. but weary for the world. the sort of weary that makes you sit down and cry because the burden is great.
cry because the new dad was diagnosed with cancer, because the people who should be setting the example are corrupt, because the outcast is shunned by her peers. burdened because people are so self consumed-so unwilling to see past their own little problems into other people's plight. burdened by humanities selfish greed and concern for comfort- that the planet in all her beauty is groaning in response.
i fully and completely want to believe in the goodness of people-and i do. i have heaps of hope.
but tonight i lie under stars with a heavy heart and mourn that which is wrong and which is injust.
and then tomorrow i wake and look for ways to create hope, to be sunshine, to-in a gentle(or not so gentle)way-shake the world.


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