sea glass

i think its cool. something that in essence is evidence of pollution, addiction and poverty can be made so pretty by the sea.
tumbled in the waves, scratched by shells and sand, the sharp edges are worn away and shiny pieces of glass become little matted pseudo pebbles.
spewn out by the ocean, buried in the sand-these imperfect & beautiful little treasures sit, waiting for eager hands to find them .



2 thoughts on “sea glass

  1. Talitha! Didn’t know you had a blog! Excited to find you here … Happy birthday again for last week! :-) Looks like you had a great day. So, this is completely random, but I was watching the movie Spanglish (… I know …) while I was at the dentist (… I know …) and some kids are offered money from their dad to scour the beach for sea glass … :-) Miss you and your family so much!

  2. kate! thank you! miss you guys so much-hope you are all well! love seeing all the photos of kb, caleb and dineo :) please send them (and you&kagiso of course) huge hugs from me :) lots of love xxx

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