pearly et al.

just one week. i'd swear it was a month.
i got to go to pearly beach with my family-i'm just going to put it out there that pearly beach sort of changed my life.
i cannot describe the ocean. that feeling you get when you can see the swell build up and you watch it break into the most beautiful wave-seriously all you can do is throw your hands up and giggle with excitement and grins.then spend the next hours bodyboarding and diving under waves-trying to do such insane creation justice.
otherwise i've really loved seeing old friends and making new ones-i've had quite a bit of that these last weeks. and it excites me :)
but life is good my dear sea gypsies-not just because good and amazing things are happening. but because i'm daily falling more in love with the one that is making it good-and its pretty incredible.



have some green tea with honey and dream sweetly tonight dear seagypsies xxx


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