and then it was autumn.

autumn is upon us.
and it is soo beautiful. as we speak, a giant wave of white, sweetiepie-like cloud is rushing over signal hill and filling the city bowl-with the light of the sunset reflecting off it. and can we please talk about the MOON!-how insanely huge and full has it been these last few days-illuminating the still, royal blue sky.
and goodness-THE LEAVES! the leaves are all at different stages of sunshine tones-making each tree look like a big bowl of warmth :) and uct!-the buildings have morphed into walls of red and the sunrises are making the sleepiest person glad they got up for 8 o'clocks :)
yes-it is an incredible season.
so my dearest lovely seagypsies-whilst we were made for summer, shorts and frozen yoghurt-embrace this opportunity to wear stockings and cardigans, to drink tea and eat butternut soup and to take long walks by the sea as the mist rolls in.









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