week 19

this is week 19 of 2013 folks. and i am a bit scared to get it started. it is definitely going to be a "one-day-at-a-time" "keep-swimming" 'breath-in-and-out" sort of week. but we still need balance-cant be completely consumed with the deadlines. so this is what i propose:

-buy a fern. i want one in my room.

-cuddle em's: the near death survivor and recovering feline.

-read a book that gets you excited about heaven

-pick a person a day and make them happy by doing something thoughtful and suprising for them. 1 person a day.

-listen to 'radical face'

-sit straight and stretch

-lets try for mermaid's hair

-be grateful and thankful. there are so many reasons to be.

-breath deep whenever you can be outside in the fresh air

-run. as often as you can-even if its just up and down the road.

-be gutsy! we're still going with that.

we can do this thing! xxx 9c34f2a6c072c8ad6435fa4925d87eaf  9f9b9ed02f08b956f988d085cc87d424  45e3c802d8e621612f53579feb327a3f


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