good things

life is full of good things.
the thing about good things-is sometimes (often-times) we dont realise that they are there or that they are good.
your mind needs to be keeping an eye out for them-and once it does... well then goodness me-good things are all over.
here are some good things:
-red nailpolish. this is indeed a slightly shocking (for me anyway) but a very colourful good thing.
-windless autumn days. they have been frequent and incredible!
-encouraging friends. like little rays of sunshine making your day bright.
-sunsets over the sea. its the time of year-they become even more beautiful in may.
-sisters. they are very very very good things.
- salad. a big bowl of beautiful colours must be good :)
-singing: doing it loudly around the house with a favourite playlist and a bad harmony can be a good thing (As long as everyone else wears earplugs)
-this song is a good thing: penny
-and so is this song: brave
-creation: the ocean. the mountain. the sun. the trees. the chirping is all so AWE-INSPIRINGLY INCREDIBLY good.
-look out for some of your own good things this week-maybe even be a good thing to someone else :)








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