saltwater dialogue

c:ooooof-the water is flippen cold!
t:haibo! definitely pee in your wetsuit weather. should NOT be allowed to pee in your wetsuit.
t:so. how has your week been?
c:good! i went to see court in stellies...
t:OH MY GOSH! check the colour of the sea-how intense and crazy is that colour?!?
c:haha. ja-and we went to bohemia...
t:its crazy! you cant even see where the sea ends and the sky starts!!
c:ooooh. ooh. ooh. lets catch this one!
t:ooh. yes!
t:so you went with court to bohemia..
c:check the rain on the ocean!! its like little drops of silver or mercury!
C:and are those flying fish?
t:flying fish! plop. plop. plop. ooh-this one. this one!
c:no-not this one. wow. the water has gotten warmer.
t:no carlene-i did not wee in my wetsuit.
c:ooh. this one!
t:FLIP! its a nice one! yes-lets go!!!
c:we should see if we can stand on our boards with no waves.
t:haha-yes-epic fail. did you notice how intense the colour of the sea is?!?
c:hey-is that...? no nevermind, they all look the same in wetsuits.
t:its like emerald green mixed with teal blue.
c:stick you for white hot choc? whoa! check the rainbow!
t:hectic!!! have i mentioned how insane the colours of the sea are? yes-lets get hot chocolate.







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