its a turtle :)

so i've pretty much spent the last 3 weeks with my favourite creatures. my poor friends have had to endure almost daily updates regarding how each little dude has been doing-how its eaten-or not eaten-the funny thing it did, how active its bowel movements have been....i'm worse than a new mom :/
but its amazing how i not only get to do research and write a paper on these little turtles, but also get to daily feed, enrich, x-ray, medicate, and oftentimes sit with them on my lap for half an hour as they digest their food.
but even though i've worked with these guys for quite a few years already-just the mention of the word gives me butterflies and takes my mind to all those places where i keep my dreams.
i cannot wait to do more work with them around the world and to maybe play a small part in conserving them.
its kinda like George Hughes (turtle champ) says at the end of his book (Between the Tides: In search of Sea Turtles):
"I owe sea turtles an enourmous debt for what they have given me: joy, excitement, fulfilment and reward. They have generated in me a near lifetime of deep affection. I hope that i have done them some good."



baby green

first two photos from Two Oceans Aquarium blog :)


2 thoughts on “its a turtle :)

  1. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to experience this. Turtles are my favorite creatures on the planet. Good on you, I hope you are able to make your impact on the species.

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