punching your dreams

there are dreams and then there are dreams.
there are dreams that you have-and they are big and bright and far in the future-they keep you motivated and passionate and ambitious. living in the palm trees and sunshine. saving the turtles. that sort of stuff. you work toward them but know they might not all come true.
then there are the other dreams-ones you have to really work for and apply yourself to. those dreams, you see, are starting to come true. and its quite bizarre, in a sunshine smiley, slap myself, extremely exciting yet overwhelming way.
i'm finding myself on a boat every week, doing marine stuff everyday, coming close to publishing my paper, planning our bali adventure, being in or on the sea more days than not. having more and more of a seagypsy life everyday. high school me would be jealous :)
and it makes me thankful. so very thankful. but it also makes me dream more-because i like this feeling, so very much.






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