its not far to drive. just a few bends and a little mountain pass. you can only see it from the little mountain outcrop-the sentinel-or from boat. on most days its pretty tame-beautiful blue sea-nice wreck for deep dives-lots of seals. but sometimes, when the swell comes, dungeons becomes DUNGEONS. the power of the sea, its brute force and graceful thunder attract saffa's (and the worlds) best big wave surfers. its incredible to watch. being completely at the mercy of the ocean, riding it like a wild beast. i can only imagine that feeling-of being propelled by waves that have built energy across an entire ocean-releasing it in the majesty of well formed slick beautiful sets. you've got to love how nature puts us little people in our place. :)

check out this video by otto whitehead, taken yesterday:
dungeons gets sublime

(check out the rest of the shots on the wavescape website)


2 thoughts on “dungeons

  1. Your blog feeds me my fix of ocean love every day – living in the city, I miss the beach life I once had! My imminent move in month is to Madrid, where I will live for a year, but I have decided that after that I HAVE to make my next destination somewhere I can have a surf life! Thanks for making me deliciously jealous every time! :)

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