being an almost conservation biologist

how do you know its a passion? how can you be sure that its what you want to spend your life working on?
i've been reading a great deal of conservation biology papers. and i cant help myself-learning about the state of our oceans, the role of conservation bio, the advances that can and need to be made, the fact that we treat the seas with an entirely different set of standards, utterly different from anything on land-it fires me up. gives me ants in my pants. makes me want to get out there and do more stuff. its a feeling of having 3 years of knowledge, too much enthusiasm and knowing that there is so much research and exploring that needs to happen! many of us are already in there-totally involved, but soon-our training will be over and then we'll be released, expected to make our mark-affect change-find solutions to problems-share our curiosity and passion. i cant wait.

in the meantime- watch these films of other UCT MSc students who are already doing their thing :)
this one is by Otto Whitehead about Marion Island:

and this one by Lauren De Vos, set in False Bay:


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