the sounds of helicopters

there are a certain number of left over 'summer days' that capetown keeps in her pocket at the end of the sunshine season. she stores them away for the depths of winter, knowing that the poor ct souls dont deal with her absence too well. every now and again-she'll play her cards.
these days smell like flowers and sea. the 'yesterday,today,tomorrow' kind of flower and the fresh, salty sea.
they sound like helicopters in the pastel blue sky, birds chirping, buzzing bees and the sound of distant laughter as people are walking, swimming, driving, hiking and mowing their lawns.
it feels like contentment-everything slow, chilled,appreciated and beautiful.
it looks like Bougainvillea's in the garden, coffee's on camps bay main road and sandy feet.
it tastes like pineapple in the garden, pistachio ice cream and homemade lemonade.

its all round good and makes me dream about the days when ct will play her warm sunny cards everyday :)






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