welcome home, sun.

i think she's here. summer. i think she's unpacking and opening up the blinds. i think she's opening the windows and stocking the fridge-cause she's going to stay awhile.
i like it when she first comes back. its like re-falling in love. you remember all the magic that you share. you can make new summer playlists and rediscover your fav frocks. you can haul out the waterbottles and the new sunnies. you get to experience lying in the sun, buying summer mags, smelling warm still nights as though they were your first. you play those tunes that you keep for paradise days-you add new ones. you smile. lots and lots. because every summer is new and fresh and filled with hope and excitement. and somehow, even though you never forget summer, you never quite remember just how incredibly wonderful she is until she's back :)
summer 2013/14 here we come! :)






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