according to plan

not quite. i've recently been quite bluntly taught that it rarely happens so. our plans. they are filled with our own ambitions and dreams-and those are good. but what do we do when they dont work out? well goodness-its easy to get lost and stuck in your own head.
but then you realise, how wonderful it is that Someone else, who's plans can never fail is drawing out the pathway of your life. and our little roadbumps are just that-little twisty parts. they themselves are part of the plan :)
and then, instead of weariness you feel excited and blessed. excited about how your story will unfold and blessed because goodness, you my dear, have the most incredible and encouraging group of friends, the most wonderful family,the sunshine and sea all around you :)
and with that-here's my first summer playlist on 8tracks :)

hope it makes your ears happy xxx

“hello there sunshineb2b88cc7efe51a3254cacbd81d2ca0d4
{photo from pinterest}


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