sprinklers in the sea

the ocean was everyones playground today. it was a spontaneous party. no one was invited but everyone was present.the whales were particularly flirty-so many of them.with fits of excitement they were releasing little explosions of white vapour-everywhere. misty fireworks. like sprinklers in the sea. there were shadows, formed by the paragliders, cutting the otherwise un-interrupted sunshine.khayakers sliced through the blue blue water, contouring the coast by sea and us runners were mirroring them on land.
there were longboarders doing tricks in the parking lot- ocean hipsters with white blonde curls, faded levi cutoffs and old maritime tommy hilfiger shirts. there were cyclists, swimmers, surfers. jugglers, ice-cream sellers, bodyboarders.
everyone seemed happy and content. brightly coloured running shoes were like birthday balloons on the coast road, high fives and smiles were exchanged between passing runners, like celebratory greetings and wishes.
on a day like this when inside sunshine has been a struggle to come by, when one is lost inside ones head- the dear atlantic seabord came to the rescue. she gave us sea breezes and rays of light. she threw a party. she showed me how its inhabitants can appreciate and love her-utilise and still respect her. she passed out a hug, she lifted them spirits- promising to celebrate for real in just 2 short days. xxx

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