adventurers, sea nymphs and wild ones.

snap back heart attack, you're just like a ticket to the sun!
i CANNOT describe to you just how happy i've been this last week. summer holidays are the climax of all good things and whilst there is much work to be done, this past week has been pure sea gypsy wander and wonder :)
let me tell you about some of these little pockets of sunshine:
two of my best mates came to fetch me after my last exam-we went to go eat hudsons chickpea burgers-yum :)



i've been loving my runs in the evenings, especially in the warm summer rain...

my little sister is back from uni and we've been loving the beach, the late night series and the crazy dancing!20131110_16474320131108_132743



shortstraw and al bairre played a gig in long street. IT WAS INSANE. we danced like crazzzzzy people!
short straw

there have been saturday morning markets and afternoon picnics at kirstenbosch, napping in the sun-hmmm, how lovely is that.



throwback sea days. like true little seagypies we've been spending days wondering from one beach to the next. staying for a little while-flirting with the waves, letting ourselves be kissed by the sun and then quickly scrambling over the rocks to the repeat the same at the next beach.



the best part is that only good things are too come: longer days, warmer nights, darker skin and lighter hair :)
the adventurers, sea nymphs and wild ones are quite excited about this.



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