it has been everywhere.
overwhelmingly so.
it has been lasered onto table mountain, it has been the front page of every newspaper.
it is every national flag waving in the wind at half mast and it is the celebratory "madiba" flags on every lamp post.
it has been evident in the grafitti and wall art of both little park walls and the sides of huge CBD buildings.
it has had news channels dedicated to it and the mnet logo changed to black for it.
it has been given 10 days of events and memorials in his honour.
it has been engulfed in flowers and notes, cards of thanks and love at every opportunity.
it is the hundreds of quotes which he spoke, shared on facebook and in articles.
it is his voice resonating across adverts and heard in songs written just for him.

madiba has died. we all feel it. we all feel it because he is south africa's dad. we all love him and owe our free and stable nation's existance to his God given ability to forgive & reconcile.
nelson mandela was unlike any other man-his humility and grace not seen in many leaders.
his voice gentle and soft yet powerful enough to turn an entire nation away from civil war and toward forgiveness.

last night cape town held a memorial service/ concert for him at the stadium. it was beyond incredible. a sea of south african flags and pictures of madiba held by saffa's of every possible colour, age, and background is the greatest tribute we could have given our tata- a nation united, singing our beautiful anthem.
i live in a free south africa. i have the privelage of having xhosa, zulu, tswana, wenda, sesotho and afrikaans friends. and that is largely due to madiba.

i am incredibly grateful to God for using this amazing man in such powerful ways,
and like the rest of south africa, i celebrate what our new nation is because of him.
i can therefore say nkosi tata madiba and hamba kahle.








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